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Badgerswood Kennels and Cattery has been a dream we have had for years and which has finally become a reality, it is set in 10 acres of old parkland in an area of tranquil beauty that we love. Surrounded by woodland and open fields it was once part of the old Winmarleigh Estate and is a very special place to live and work. Our kennels, cattery and small animal house have been built above standard recommendations to a high specification with no compromises made on quality, with the safety and wellbeing of our guests as the number one priority. Badgerswood is run by a dedicated and caring mother and daughter team who do not think of it as a job, but as a pleasure and privilege, to look after your pets for you when you are away.


Eunice has had animals all her life from dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs as a young child to owning her first horse at age 18. She has helped train and exercise racing Greyhounds with her father, bred Cocker Spaniels and is a qualified Canine Beautician. She has years of experience working in retail being manageress of a supermarket to running her own businesses with her family, a milk round, a sandwhich bar and a newsagents.  



Growing up with animal mad parents it is no surprise that Katie and her brother Jason have grown up with animals from day one, from owning and caring for most types of pets varying in size from a hamster to 16.3hh horses and including most things in between. Along with her parents  Katie has bred, broken and trained her own horses . After leaving school Katie went straight into the family business, she has computer skills, cerificate in food hygiene and qualifications in animal care.



Son of a gamekeeper Ben has never known of a life without animals from pet dogs, cats, chickens, goats and horses he is a registered farrier (part 3), to training and working with terriers, gun dogs, ferrets, rearing game birds and experience with wildlife conservation. He worked for Lancashire College of Agriculture and Horticulture when it was based at  Winmarleigh Hall as a groundsman/woodsman. He also has many years experience working in retail, delivering milk and newspapers as many of the locals will know.

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