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All cats must be vaccinated against Feline Enteritis, Cat Flu and Feline Leukaemia; please note that the feline leukaemia vaccine is now only administered once every three years, so please speak to your vet.

Newly vaccinated cats or renewal vaccinations must be given two weeks before their stay and a valid vaccination certificate must be provided before any cat will be accepted. It is also important that your cat has regular worm, flea and tick treatments/checks. If your cat is insured please bring insurance cards with you.


Our cattery has been designed to provide as much natural light and to be as well insulated, comfortable, safe and hygienic as possible. Made from galvanised steel, PVCu and double glazing the sleeping compartments are back to back with individual thermostatically controlled panel heaters (all heating is included at no extra cost) and chrome air vents. All the flooring throughout is the type found in veterinary surgeries and hospitals and the building also has LED lighting. We have two designs of cat accommodation, penthouse style, which has a ramp up to the sleeping compartment and chalet style, which is all on ground level for the more senior or any disabled cats that find climbing difficult. All our cat accommodations have views either out over the garden or the newly designed courtyard. We use a pet safe disinfectant in our cattery and each unit is steam cleaned between guests. For the safety of our guests and our peace of mind, even though we live on site, we also have 24 hour cctv installed.    


We stock a wide variety of cat foods so we can keep your cat on the same diet they receive at home. If your cat has a special diet that you wish to provide then that is absolutely fine, just be sure to leave us with enough for the length of your cats stay. We provide all food and water dishes. 


The cats have their own separate kitchen built of PVCu with stainless steel catering units, airtight containers for food storage and all the usual appliances    


We can provide all bedding materials that your cat will need (plastic beds, vet bed, cushions and blankets) or you are more than welcome to bring your own if you wish to. If you can somehow label or mark their belongings then there is less chance of confusion in our washing system (we change bedding at least once a week) it would be very much appreciated.


We provide all toys/scratching posts but if your cat has a favourite toy that you wish to bring with you that is also fine.



We are able to administer medications including injections at no extra charge.

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