All dogs must be vaccinated against Parvovirus, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis and Kennel Cough; please note that the kennel cough vaccine is not part of your dogs annual booster and you must ask your vet to include it. All newly vaccinated dogs or renewal vaccinations must be given two weeks before arrival and a valid vaccination certificate must be provided before any dog will be accepted. It is also important that your dog has regular worm, flea and tick treatments/checks. If your dog is insured please bring insurance cards with you.

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Day Boarding

Please ring us to discuss this service on

01995 605 117


Day Trial

If your dog is new to us or to boarding kennels in general, we can offer to let your dog spend a day with us before being left for a holiday. Enabling them to get to know us and their surroundings beforehand can make all the difference. 


Our kennels have been designed to provide as much natural light and to be as well insulated, comfortable, safe and hygienic as possible. Made from galvanised steel and PVCu the sleeping compartments are back to back with individual thermostatically controlled panel heaters (all heating is included at no extra cost) and chrome air vents. The covered runs have been built with extra roofing lights and also have LED lighting, all our flooring throughout is the type found in veterinary surgeries and hospitals NO CONCRETE!  All our kennels are cleaned with a pet safe disinfectant and steam cleaned in between boarders. For the safety of our guests and our peace of mind, even though we live on site, we also have 24 hour cctv installed. We have different sizes of kennels catering for small miniature breeds up to giant breeds.  


To get dogs out of the kennel environment all dogs will be walked a minimum of twice day on our privately owned drive, with access to a five acre field on a long lead/flexi lead. We also have a securely fenced exercise pen where they can be let off lead to play (with owners permission) where they are supervised at all times, all dogs are exercised on a one to one basis unless they are from the same household, we never mix dogs together. Also because we believe that mental stimulation is just as important all our kennels have views of their own garden and we can provide them with toys.


We stock a wide variety of dog foods so we can keep your dog on the same diet they receive at home. If your dog has a special diet that you wish to provide then that is absolutely fine, just be sure to leave us with enough for the length of your dogs stay. If your dog is allowed treats, we will always ask you first, we have a variety of these too, or you can bring your own as well. We provide all food and water dishes.  


We have given as much thought to the standard of our dog kitchen as to our kennels, it is built of PVCu and fitted with stainless steel catering units and has secure airtight containers for storage and all the usual appliances.


We can provide all bedding materials that your dog will need (plastic beds, vet bed and blankets) or you are more than welcome to bring your own if you wish to, if you can somehow label or mark their belongings then there is less chance of confusion in our washing system (we change bedding at least once a week), it would be very much appreciated.


We are able to administer medications including injections at no extra charge.


All dogs will be brushed twice a day as part of their daily routine but please note that long haired breeds will incur an extra charge as the care taken for them to be maintained properly will take longer.